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AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Tutorials


AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Tutorials

AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Tutorials FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Tutorials

Welcome to the AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 Tutorials
Conventions Used in These Tutorials
Using the Tutorial Images and Drawings
Starting the Exercises
Chapter 2 Basic Tasks Tutorial
Exercise A1: Setting Raster Design Options
Exercise A2: Managing Images in a Drawing
Exercise A3: Viewing and Changing Image Properties
Exercise A4: Saving Images
Chapter 3 Scanned Drawing Cleanup Tutorial
Exercise S1: Inserting Images of Scanned Drawings
Exercise S2: Cleaning Up Images Using Despeckle
Exercise S3: Cleaning Up Images with Invert and Mirror
Exercise S4: Using REM Operations Tools
Exercise S5: Using Touchup Tools
Exercise S6: Correcting Skewed Images
Exercise S7: Correcting Distortions Using Triangular
Exercise S8: Correcting Distortions Using Grid Points
Exercise S9: Using Bitonal Filters and Editing Tools
Chapter 4 Bitonal Image Tutorial
Exercise B1: Copying Raster Entities Using Region Objects
Exercise B2: Defining Enhanced Bitonal Region Objects
Exercise B3: Defining Primitive Objects
Exercise B4: Modifying a Part Using REM Commands
Chapter 5 Hybrid Image Tutorial
Exercise H1: Inserting Images with Resource Correlation Files
Exercise H2: Scaling and Matching Images
Exercise H3: Improving Existing Linework
Exercise H4: Removing Raster Entities
Exercise H5: Masking Images of Scanned Drawings
Exercise H6: Merging Vector Changes with Raster Images
Exercise H7: Exporting Images with Resource Correlation Files
Chapter 6 Photograph and Map Tutorial
Exercise P1: Inserting an Aerial Photograph from the Internet
Exercise P2: Matching Images to Drawings
Exercise P3: Correcting Distortions in Photographic Images
Exercise P4: Enhancing Grayscale Images
Exercise P5: Using a World Correlation File
Exercise P6: Converting Grayscale Images to Bitonal Images
Exercise P7: Inserting USGS Quad Sheets Using Quick Insert
Exercise P8: Making Part of an Image Transparent
Exercise P9: Cropping USGS Images
Exercise P10: Inserting Multiple Images
Exercise P11: Masking Images of Maps
Exercise P12: Converting Color Images to Bitonal Images
Exercise P13: Displaying a Digital Elevation Model
Exercise P14: Displaying Multispectral Imagery
Chapter 7 Tonal Adjustment Tutorial
Exercise T1: Using the Histogram
Exercise T2: Using a Contrast Curve for Tonal Adjustment
Exercise T3: Using the Fitted Contrast Curve
Chapter 8 Palette Manager Tutorial
Exercise M1: Modifying a Scanned USGS Map
Exercise M2: Preparing an Image for Presentation
Exercise M3: Working with Satellite Images
Chapter 9 Vectorization Tutorial
Exercise V1: Setting Options and Creating Basic Vector Objects
Exercise V2: Replacing Raster Text
Exercise V3: Converting Raster Polylines to 2D Polylines
Exercise V4: Using Dynamic Input Prompts
Exercise V5: Working with Separation Tables
Exercise V6: Creating Contours from Scanned Topo Maps
Exercise V7: Creating 3D Breaklines from Topo Maps
Chapter 10 Text Recognition Tutorial
Exercise R1: Recognize Machine-Printed Text
Exercise R2: Recognize Hand-Printed Text
Exercise R3: Recognize a Table

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