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AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 Users Guide


AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 Users Guide

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 Users Guide

Users Guide
Getting Started Guide
Getting Started with AutoCAD Map 3D
Overview of Features
Overview of Map Files and Data Sources
The Autodesk Value Chain
Create, Edit, and Share Maps
Integrate GIS and CAD Data from Many Sources
Work with Geospatial Features and Drawing Objects
Manage Data
The Autodesk Spatial Data File (SDF)
Attribute Data
Edit Data In Its Source
Theme and Analyze Data
Send Maps to the Field
Post Maps on a Web Site
Overview of Map Creation
The User Interface
Introduction to the User Interface
Switching Between Workspaces
Menus and Toolbars
Viewing Attribute Data
The Task Pane
The Command Prompt
Finding Information
Using InfoCenter
Using the Help
Getting Help with AutoCAD
Viewing the Readme
Other Sources of Information
Autodesk Training Programs and Products
Printing this Documentation
AutoCAD Map 3D Sample Data and Templates
Sample Data - Real World Data Sets and Data from Data
Templates for Maps and Map Books
Symbols for Water, Gas, Electric, and Emergency Response
Symbols for General Use
North Arrows, Scale Bars, and Other Map Elements
Getting Additional Geospatial Data to Enhance Your Maps
Tutorial Sample Files
Additional AutoCAD Samples
Setting Up
Overview of Setting Up
Setting Up AutoCAD Map 3D
Overview of Setting Up AutoCAD Map 3D
Setting Up Users and Assigning Rights
Customizing Your Work Environment
Creating New Coordinate Systems
Setting Up Object Classification
Setting Up for Digitizing
Setting Up Your Map File
Overview of Setting Up Your Map File
Logging Into AutoCAD Map 3D
Assigning Coordinate Systems
Attaching Drawings
Setting Up a Query Library
Setting Up Annotation Templates
Setting Up Object Data
Using Data from Feature Sources
Setting Up Data Sources for Drawings
Setting Options
Overview of Setting Options
Setting Task Pane Options
Setting Drawing Options
Setting Multi-user Options
Setting System Options
Setting Coordinate System Options
Setting Coordinate Geometry Options
Setting Data Source Options for Drawings
Setting Data View Options
Setting Geospatial Feature Editing Options
Setting Metadata Options
Setting InfoCenter Options
Associating Database Versions with File Extensions
Setting Query Options (DWG)
Using Associative Hatch
Saving Option Settings
Setting Raster Image Options
Customizing and Automating Import and Export
Bringing In Data
Overview of Bringing In Data
Before You Bring In Data
Creating a Map
Organizing Layers in Your Map
Bringing in GIS Features
Overview of Bringing In GIS Features
Filtering Features When You Add Them to a Map
Bringing In Features from Oracle
Bringing In Features from ArcSDE
Bringing In Features from SQL Server
Bringing In Features from MySQL
Bringing In Features from SHP
Bringing In Features from SDF
Accessing Data from ODBC
Bringing In Features from WFS
Repairing Broken Feature Connections
Bringing In Drawing Data From DWG Files
Overview of Bringing in Drawing Data From DWG Files
Bringing In Drawing Objects from AutoCAD Layers
Bringing In Drawing Objects by Object Class
Bringing In Drawing Objects by Location
Bringing In Drawing Objects by Property
Bringing In Drawing Objects Based on Attached Data
Bringing In Drawing Objects Based on Topology
Combining Conditions
Converting Data From Other Formats to Drawing Objects
Overview of Converting Geospatial Data to Drawing
Styling Drawing Data Converted From a Geospatial Data
Contents | v
Supported Import Formats
Specifying an Area to Import
Specifying an AutoCAD Layer During Import
Assigning an Object Class During Import
Performing a Coordinate Conversion During Import
Importing Attribute Data
Specifying How to Import Points
Importing Polygons
Creating Centroids for Polygons
Importing Objects with Links to an External Database
Displaying Attribute Data as Text
Adding Rasters and Surfaces
Overview of Adding Rasters and Surfaces
Adding Raster-Based Surfaces to Your Map
Adding 2D Rasters
Adding an Image from a WMS (Web Map Service)
Making an Image Transparent
Specifying Image Insertion Point
Using Other Raster Image Formats
Joining Data to GIS Features
Overview of Joins
Creating a Join
Modifying or Removing Joins
Editing Joined Data
Using Joins with Calculated Properties
Sharing Joined Data with Others
Adding Attributes to Drawing Objects
Storing Attribute Data in the Drawing (Object Data)
Overview of Linking Database Records to Objects
Creating a Link Template
Opening a Linked Database Table
Manually Linking Database Records to Objects
Automatically Linking Database Records to Objects
Converting Object Data to Database Links
Editing Database Links
Editing a Link Template
Using Open Source FDO Providers
Bringing In AutoCAD Civil 3D Data
Managing Data
Overview of Managing Data
About Geospatial Feature Classes, Data Stores, and Schemas
Overview of Geospatial Data
Working with FDO Schemas
Working with Oracle Data
Working with SQL Server Data
Working with MySQL Data
Working with SDF Data
Working with SHP Data
Working with ODBC Data
Working with ESRI ArcSDE Data
Working with WFS Data
Working with Feature Sources
Overview of Working with Feature Sources
Setting Up Database Users
Creating a Data Store
Deleting a Feature Source
Working with Schemas
Overview of Working with Schemas
Creating a New Schema
Setting Up Constraints in the Schema Editor
Exposing a Native Database View in a Schema
Importing and Exporting a Schema
Viewing a Schema
Editing a Schema
Deleting Schemas
Undoing Schema Changes
Migrating Data
Overview of Migrating Data
Migrating GIS Data (Bulk Copy)
Understanding How Bulk Copy Converts Data Types
Fixing Geometry Issues After a Bulk Copy
Reviewing the Bulk Copy Log Information
Migrating DWG Data to GIS
Visualization and Styling
Overview of Visualization and Styling
Controlling the Display of Your Map
Overview of the Display Manager
Controlling Display Order
Setting Map Scale
Creating Multiple Display Maps
Styling Features
Overview of Styling Features
Defining Scale Ranges
Styling Point Features
Styling Line Features
Styling Area Features
Labeling Features
Saving and Loading Styled Feature Layers
Styling Drawing Layers
Overview of Styling Drawing Layers
Contents | vii
Styling a Drawing Layer
Creating a Style
Combining Styles
Modifying a Style
Saving a Display Style in the Library
Referencing a Library Style
Creating and Modifying a Display Manager Scale
Viewing Styles at All Scale Thresholds
Styling Raster Images
Overview of Styling Raster Images
Changing Brightness, Color, or Transparency for Raster
Viewing Raster Images
Creating and Editing Data
Overview of Creating and Editing Data
Working with Features
Overview of Working with Features
Creating New Features
Checking In Features
Checking Out Features
Cancelling Check Out
Updating Edits Automatically
Editing Features
Working Offline
Managing Versions
Working with Drawing Objects
Overview of Working with Drawing Objects
Editing Data in Attached Drawings
Cleaning Up Drawing Data
Creating, Editing, and Managing Topologies
Using Map Editing Tools
Working with Polygon Objects
Adding and Deleting Annotation
Using Object Classification
Entering Coordinate Geometry
Overview of Coordinate Geometry Commands
Using Angle and Distance to Specify a Point
Using Bearing and Distance to Specify a Point
Using Deflection and Distance to Specify a Point
Using Azimuth and Distance to Specify a Point
Working with Attribute Data and Object Data
Viewing External Data Sources for Drawing Object Data
Entering and Editing Object Data
Digitizing Objects
Overview of Digitizing Maps
Overview of Digitizing Objects
Digitizing Using MAPDIGITIZE
Attaching Object Data As You Digitize
Linking Database (SQL) Records as You Digitize
Annotating Maps
Overview of Annotating Maps
Adding Labels
Adding Labels to Features
Allowing Labels to Obscure Points
Displaying Fixed Labels at Point Locations
Annotating Drawing Objects
Overview of Annotation
Attaching Annotation to Objects
Refreshing Annotation
Updating Annotation
Deleting Annotation from Drawings
Working with Annotation Layers
Creating Annotation Layers
Styling an Annotation Layer
Adding Text to an Annotation Layer
Editing an Annotation
Adding a Legend
Annotating with AutoCAD Text Objects
Analyzing Data
Overview of Analyzing Data
Getting Information About Features and Objects
Getting Information about Features
Getting Information About Drawing Objects
Measuring and Tracking Coordinates
Overview of Measuring and Tracking
Tracking Coordinates
Measuring Geodetic Distance
Measuring Coordinate Geometry
Creating Themes
Overview of Creating Themes
Theming Features
Theming Drawing Data
Analyzing Raster-Based Surfaces
Overview of Analyzing Raster-Based Surfaces
Adding and Modifying Contour Lines
Draping Map Data Over 3D Surfaces
Viewing Surfaces in 3D
Contents | ix
Using Hillshading and Vertical Exaggeration
Theming Surfaces to Analyze Height, Slope, and Aspect
Changing Colors in a Themed Surface
Finding and Selecting Data
Finding and Selecting Features
Buffering Features in Your Map
Finding and Querying Drawing Objects
Analyzing Drawing Topologies
Overview of Analyzing Drawing Topologies
Performing a Shortest Path Trace
Performing a Best Route Analysis
Performing a Flood Trace
Overlaying Two Topologies
Dissolving a Composite Topology
Buffering a Topology
Querying a Topology
Saving a Temporary Topology
Publishing and Sharing Maps
Overview of Publishing and Sharing
Publishing Maps
Overview of Publishing Maps
Publishing a Map to a Plotter
Publishing to DWF
Publishing to PDF
Publishing to a Web Page
Using eTransmit
Publishing to MapGuide
Viewing Publish to MapGuide Results
Publishing Map Books
Converting and Exporting
Overview of Converting and Exporting
Supported Objects
Supported Formats
Exporting To Autodesk SDF (Spatial Data File)
Exporting DWG Data to SDF2 Format
Exporting To ESRI Arc/INFO Coverages
Exporting to ESRI ArcSDE
Exporting to ESRI ShapeFile
Exporting To MapInfo MIF/MID
Exporting To MapInfo TAB
Exporting To MicroStation Design (DGN) Versions 7 and 8
Exporting To Geographic Markup Language (GML)
Exporting To VML (Vector Markup Language)
Exporting to Multiple Classes
Exporting To Shape Multiclass
Mapping Drawing Attributes to Feature Class Properties
Exporting Text Enclosed in a Polyline
Exporting Polygons from a Polygon Topology
Saving Drawing Objects to a DXF File
Exporting Maps to DWG Format
Exporting DWG Data to an FDO Data Store
Exporting DWG Data to an Image Format
Moving DWG Data to a Spatial Data Store and Back Again
Saving or Exporting a Display Manager Layer
Exporting and Printing Attribute Data
Overview of Exporting Attribute Data
Exporting from the Data Table
Printing from the Data View
Creating a Drawing Object Report (DWG)
Working with Metadata
Overview of Working with Metadata
Setting Metadata Options
Creating and Viewing Metadata
Working with Metadata Style Sheets
Working with Metadata Templates
Overview of Metadata Templates
Using Metadata Templates
Previewing Metadata Templates
Setting a Default Metadata Template
Deactivating Metadata Templates
Exporting Metadata Templates
Removing Metadata Templates
Editing Metadata
Overview of Editing Metadata
Updating Metadata
Copying and Pasting Metadata
Adding and Deleting Records in the Metadata Editor
Working with Compound Metadata Elements
Using the Record Navigator
Auditing Metadata
Sharing Metadata
Overview of Sharing Metadata
Importing Metadata
Exporting Metadata
Publishing and Printing Metadata
Reference Guide
Contents | xi
Command Reference
Mapping Commands
Discontinued Commands
Wildcard Characters
Improving Performance
Expression Evaluator
Arithmetic Functions
String-Handling Functions
Equality and Conditional Functions
Symbol-Handling Functions
Conversion Functions
Other Functions
Dot Variables
Object Data Variables
Block Attribute Variables
SQL Variables and Expressions
Object Classification Variables
AutoLISP Variables
EED Expressions
Using Color in Expressions
Tips and Suggestions for the Expression Evaluator
Expression Builder
Using the Expression Builder
Dialog Boxes
Analyzing Data Dialog Boxes
Buffer Features dialog box
Buffer Warning dialog box
Contour dialog box
Hillshade Settings dialog box
Annotation Dialog Boxes
Annotation Delete dialog box
Annotation Refresh dialog box
Annotation Text dialog box
Annotation Update dialog box
Define Annotation Template dialog box
Edit Expression dialog box
Insert Annotation dialog box
New Annotation Template Name dialog box
Autodesk MapGuide Dialog Boxes
Publish to Autodesk MapGuide
Publish to MapGuide Results
Expression dialog box
Define New Object Data Field dialog box
New Layer dialog box
Autodesk MapGuide Export dialog box
Autodesk MapGuide Import dialog box
Cleaning Up Maps Dialog Boxes
Cleanup Methods Page
Error Markers Page
Select Actions Page
Drawing Cleanup
Drawing Cleanup Errors dialog box
Select Objects Page
Coordinate Systems Dialog Boxes
Assign Global Coordinate System dialog box
Select Drawings to Assign Coordinate System dialog box
Data Connect Dialog Boxes
Create a Join / Edit a Join dialog box
Create Data Store dialog box
Feature Information dialog box
Feature Source Scope
Feature Source Administration dialog box
Feature Source Connection dialog box
Manage Layer Data dialog box
Save Features dialog box
Save Version dialog box
User Credentials dialog box
View Query Statement dialog box
Data Table Dialog Box
Data Table dialog box
Digitizing Dialog Boxes
MAPDIGITIZE (Digitize command)
Data to Attach dialog box
Digitize Setup dialog box
Link Template Data Entry dialog box
Link Template Key Column Entry dialog box
Display Manager Dialog Boxes
MAPDISPLAYLIBRARY (Display Library command)
MAPDISPLAYMANAGER (Display Manager command)
Alter Block Insertion dialog box
Alter Line Format dialog box
Alter Linetype dialog box
Alter Lineweight dialog box
Alter Plotstyle dialog box
Copy Scale dialog box
Define Hatch dialog box
Define Text dialog box
Edit Text Instance dialog box
Import Old Theme dialog box
New Scale dialog box
Range of Values dialog box
Select Display Element dialog box
Source Drawing Scope dialog box
Style Band dialog box
Style Label dialog box
Style Line dialog box
Style Point dialog box
Style Area dialog box
Style Text Layer dialog box
Thematic Mapping dialog box
Thematic Values dialog box
Theme dialog box
Editing Maps Dialog Boxes
ADEFILLPOLYG (Fill Closed Polyline command)
ADERSHEET (Rubber Sheet command)
ADETRANSFORM (Transform command)
Break Objects at Boundary dialog box
Split and Merge Rules dialog box
Trim Objects at Boundary dialog box
External Databases Dialog Boxes
Associate Database Versions dialog box
Column dialog box
Column Values dialog box
Configure Data Source dialog box
Connect Data Source dialog box
Convert Object Data to Database Links dialog box
Define Link Template dialog box (MAPOD2ASE)
Define Link Template dialog box (MAPDEFINELT)
Source dialog box
Disconnect Data Source dialog box
Header/Footer dialog box
Link Template Properties dialog box
Page Setup dialog box
Select Database Version dialog box
Select Existing Link Template dialog box
Select Link Template dialog box
Select Link Templates dialog box
Select Query dialog box
Select Table dialog box (MAPBROWSETBL)
Sort dialog box
Table Filter dialog box
Table Filter History dialog box
Table Properties dialog box
Zoom Scale dialog box
Import Export Dialog Boxes
Attribute Data dialog box
Block Mapping dialog box
Conflict Resolution dialog box
Coordinate System Translation dialog box
Define Link Template dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)
Export dialog box
Contents | xv
Object Class Attribute Mapping dialog box
Import dialog box
Import Data Options dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)
Layer Mapping dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)
Layer Mapping dialog box (Import)
Layers to DGN Levels dialog box
Link Template to Export dialog box
Map Data Elements to Block Name dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)
Map Data Elements to Layers dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)
Map Data Elements to SQL dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)
Map Export dialog box
Map Export Options dialog box
New Property Data Type dialog box
Feature Class Property Mapping dialog box
Property Value Mapping
Map Import dialog box
New Layer dialog box
Object Data Table dialog box (Export)
Object Data Table dialog box (Import)
Object Data/External Database Mapping dialog box
Point Mapping dialog box
Design File Input Settings
Design File Output Settings
Managing Data Dialog Boxes
Schema Editor
Bulk Copy
Create Data Store Dialog Box
Metadata Dialog Boxes
Metadata Viewerdialog boxesMetadata ViewerMetadata Viewer
Metadata Editor
Attribute Editor
Metadata Options dialog box
Import Metadata Options dialog box
Export Metadata dialog box
Create Metadata Template dialog box
Compound Element Metadata Editors
Object Classification Dialog Boxes
MAPSELECTCLASSIFIED (Select Classified Objects command)
MAPSELECTUNCLASSIFIED (Select Unclassified Objects
MAPSELECTUNDEFINED (Select Undefined Objects command)
Attach Object Class Definition File dialog box
Classified Property List dialog box
Classify dialog box
Classify Objects dialog box
Color Range Editor dialog box
Define Object Classification dialog box
Layer Range Editor dialog box
Linetype Range Editor dialog box
Lineweight Range Editor dialog box
New Object Class Definition File dialog box
New Property dialog box
Plotstyle Range Editor dialog box
Object Data Dialog Boxes
Attach Object Data dialog box
Attach/Detach Object Data dialog box
Edit Object Data dialog box
Rename Table dialog box
Select Link Template Key dialog box
Polygon Object Dialog Boxes
MAPPOLYLINETOPOLYGON (Convert Polylines to Polygons
MAPMPEDIT (Edit Polygon command)
MPSPLIT (Split Polygon command)
Create Polygons From Topology dialog box
Polygon Fill Properties dialog box
Printing and Publishing Dialog Boxes
Create Map Book/Edit Map Book dialog box
Identify Map Book Template Placeholders dialog box
Map Book Properties dialog box
Tile Properties dialog box
Select Plot Set to Convert dialog box
Map Information dialog box
Plot Map Set dialog boxes
Query Dialog Boxes
Alternate Font dialog box
Change Category dialog box
Data Condition dialog box
Define New Category dialog box
Define Query dialog box
Contents | xvii
Define Range Table dialog box
Define Text dialog box
Hatch Options dialog box
Load Internal Query dialog box
Location Condition dialog box
New Range Table dialog box
Output Report Options dialog box
Property Condition dialog box
Query Library Administration dialog box
Rename Category dialog box
Rename Range Table dialog box
Run Library Query dialog box
Save Current Query dialog box
Set Property Alterations dialog box
SQL Condition History dialog box
SQL Link Condition dialog box
Type SQL Condition dialog box
Raster Image Dialog Boxes
MAPIFRAME (Image Frame command)
Image Correlation dialog box
Image Information dialog box
Image Management dialog box
Image Management Layout dialog box
Image Select dialog box
Insert Image dialog box
Raster Extension Options dialog box
Transparency Color dialog box
Saving Objects Dialog Boxes
ADEREMOBJS (Remove Objects from Save Set command)
ADESELOBJS (Select Objects for Save Back command)
ADESHOWOBJS (Show Objects in Save Set command)
Save Objects to Source Drawings dialog box
Who Has It Information dialog box
Setting Map Options Dialog Boxes
MAPABOUT (About AutoCAD Map 3D command)
MAPDOCKWSPACE (Dock Task Pane command)
MAPWSPACE (Task Pane command)
AutoCAD Map Options dialog box
Coordinate Geometry Setup dialog box
Define/Modify Drawing Set dialog box
Drawing Maintenance dialog box
Drawing Set Display Filter dialog box
Drawing Settings dialog box
Drawing Statistics dialog box
Drive Alias Administration dialog box
Feature Editing Options dialog box
Generate Object Data Index dialog box
Index Maintenance dialog box
Remove Object Data Index dialog box
Select Alias dialog box
Undefined Alias Referenced dialog box
User Administration dialog box
User Information dialog box
User Login dialog box
Topology Dialog Boxes
MAPEDITDIR (Edit Direction command)
MAPEDITRES1 (Edit Direct Resistance command)
MAPEDITRES2 (Edit Reverse Resistance command)
MAPLINKADD (Add Topology Link command)
MAPLINKDEL (Delete Topology Link command)
MAPLINKEDIT (Edit Topology Link command)
MAPLINKREV (Reverse Direction of Topology Link command)
MAPLINKUPD (Update Topology Link command)
MAPNODADD (Add Topology Node command)
MAPNODDEL (Delete Topology Node command)
MAPNODEDIT (Edit Topology Node command)
MAPNODINS (Insert Topology Node command)
MAPNODUPD (Update Topology Node command)
MAPPOLYADD (Add Topology Polygon command)
MAPPOLYDEL (Delete Topology Polygon command)
MAPPOLYUPD (Update Topology Polygon command)
AutoCAD Map Confirmation dialog box - MAPTOPOADMIN
AutoCAD Map Confirmation dialog box - MAPTOPOEDIT
AutoCAD Map Confirmation dialog box - MAPTOPOADMIN
Centroid Objects dialog box
Create Closed Polylines dialog box
Create Network Topology - Create New Nodes dialog box
Create Network Topology - Select Links dialog box
Create Network Topology - Select Nodes dialog box
Contents | xix
Create Node Topology - Select Nodes dialog box
Create Polygon Topology - Create New Centroids dialog box
Create Polygon Topology - Create New Nodes dialog box
Create Polygon Topology - Select Centroids dialog box
Create Polygon Topology - Select Links dialog box
Create Polygon Topology - Select Nodes dialog box
Create Polygon Topology - Set Error Markers dialog box
Create Topology - Select Topology dialog box
Create Topology Warning dialog box
Delete Topology dialog box
Edit Direct Resistance dialog box
Edit Direction dialog box
Edit Reverse Resistance dialog box
Edit Topology dialog box
Link Objects dialog box
Load Topology Conflict dialog box
Load Topology dialog box
Load Topology From Source Drawing dialog box
Network Topology Analysis - Choose Locations dialog box
Network Topology Analysis - Output dialog box
Network Topology Analysis - Resistance and Direction dialog
Network Topology Analysis - Select Method dialog box
Node Objects dialog box - Network and Polygon Topologies)
Node Objects dialog box (Node topology)
Rename Topology dialog box
Select Data dialog box - Topology Overlay
Topology Buffer - Create New Centroids and Nodes dialog box
Topology Buffer - New Topology dialog box
Topology Buffer - Set Buffer Distance dialog box
Topology Dissolve - Create New Centroids and Nodes dialog box
Topology Dissolve - Create Nodes dialog box
Topology Dissolve - New Topology dialog box
Topology Dissolve - Object Data dialog box
Topology Dissolve - Set Parameter dialog box
Topology Overlay Analysis - Analysis Type dialog box
Topology Overlay Analysis - Create New Centroids and Nodes dialog
Topology Overlay Analysis - Create Nodes dialog box
Topology Overlay Analysis - Output Topology dialog box
Topology Overlay Analysis - Output Attributes dialog box
Topology Overlay Analysis - Select Overlay Topology dialog box
Topology Query dialog box
Topology Query Result dialog box
Topology Selection dialog box
Topology Statistics dialog box
Viewing Dialog Boxes
Quick View Drawings dialog box
Zoom Drawing Extents dialog box
Define Document View dialog box
Define Key View dialog box
Document View dialog box
Key View dialog box
Programming Interfaces

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