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AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial - Basic Customization


AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial - Basic Customization

AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial - Basic Customization FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial - Basic Customization

AutoCAD 2011 Customization Guide
Basic Customization
Overview of Customization
Organize Program and Support Files
Overview of File Organization
Multiple Configurations
Multiple Drawing Folders
Locate Customized Files
Locate Data Link Files
Locate Plot Style Files
Locate Plotter Files
Locate the PMP File
Locate Support Files
Locate Drawing Template Files
Locate Texture Files
Customize a Publish to Web Template
Define Custom Commands
Define External Commands
Create Command Aliases
Record and Modify Action Macros
Overview of Action Macros
Work with the Action Recorder
Record an Action Macro
Record an Action Macro with the Action Recorder
Action Node Icons
Work with User Interface Elements
Manage and Modify Action Macros
Manage Action Macros
Insert User Messages
Pause for User Input
Work with Coordinates
Insert Base Points
Work with Object Selections
Tips for Using the Action Recorder
Examples of Action Macros
Create a New Layer and Draw Objects
Insert a Block and Change a Dynamic Property Value
Modify Circles with the Properties Palette
Custom Linetypes
Overview of Linetype Definitions
Simple Custom Linetypes
Text in Custom Linetypes
Shapes in Custom Linetypes
Custom Hatch Patterns
Overview of Hatch Pattern Definitions
Hatch Patterns with Dashed Lines
Hatch Patterns with Multiple Lines
User Interface Customization
Understand User Interface Customization
Overview of the Customization
Use the Customization Environment
Overview of the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor
Work with the Customizations In Pane
Work with the Command List Pane
Work with the Dynamic Display Pane
How Customization Has Changed
Customization Glossary
Work with the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor
Create a Command
Create User Interface Elements
Create a Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the Ribbon
Create a Ribbon Panel
Create a Ribbon Tab
Create a Ribbon Contextual Tab State
Create a Toolbar
Create a Pull-Down Menu
Create a Shortcut Menu
Customize Shortcut Key
Create a Double Click Action
Create a Mouse Button
Create and Modify Workspaces
Create a Workspace from the User Interface
Create a Workspace with the CUI Editor
Create and Manage Customization Files
Basics of Customization Files
Create and Load a Partial CUIx File
Create an Enterprise CUIx File
Find and Replace Commands and Text in a CUIx File
Customize Commands
Overview of Commands
Create, Edit, and Reuse Commands
Create Macros
Overview of Macros
Use Special Control Characters in Macros
Pause for User Input in Macros
Provide International Support in Macros
Use Built-in Commands in Macros
Repeat Commands in Macros
Use Single Object Selection Mode in Macros
Use Macros to Swap User Interface Elements
Use Conditional Expressions in Macros
Use AutoLISP in Macros
Control the Display of Command Items
Assign Search Tags
Create Tooltips and Extended Help for Commands
Create Status Line Help Messages
Assign, Create, and Manage Images for Commands
Assign Images to a Command
Create and Edit Custom Images for Commands
Manage, Import, and Export Custom Images
Customize User Interface Elements
Quick Access Toolbars
Ribbon Panels
Overview of Ribbon Panels
Add and Organize Commands and Controls on a Ribbon Panel
Add Drop-downs to a Ribbon Panel
Add and Remove Ribbon Panel Controls
Ribbon Tabs
Ribbon Contextual Tab States
Create and Edit Toolbars
Add Flyouts to a Toolbar
Add, Remove or Switch Toolbar Controls
Pull-down and Shortcut Menus
Overview of Pull-Down and Shortcut Menus
Create a Pull-Down Menu
Create a Shortcut Menu
Create Submenus
Reference Pull-Down or Shortcut Menus
Swap and Insert Pull-Down Menus
Quick Properties
Rollover Tooltips
Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcut Keys
Overview of Shortcut Keys
Examples of Shortcut Keys
Temporary Override Keys
Overview of Temporary Override Keys
Examples of Temporary Override Keys
Double Click Actions
Overview of Double Click Actions
Double Click Action Object Names
Examples of Double Click Actions
Mouse Buttons
Overview of Mouse Buttons
Accept Coordinate Entry in Button Menus
Legacy Interface Elements
Create Tablet Menus
Customize Tablet Buttons
Create Screen Menus
Create Image Tile Menus
Load an AutoLISP File
Customize Workspaces
Overview of Workspace Customization
Control User Interface Elements Outside the CUI Editor
Control User Interface Elements in the CUI Editor
Control the Appearance of Palettes
Transfer and Migrate Customization
Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor FAQs
Customize the Status Line
Overview of the MODEMACRO System Variable
DIESEL Expressions in Macros
Catalog of DIESEL Functions
+ (addition)
- (subtraction)
* (multiplication)
/ (division)
= (equal to)
< (less than)
> (greater than)
!= (not equal to)
<= (less than or equal to)
>= (greater than or equal to)
DIESEL Error Messages
Slides and Command Scripts
Create Slides
Overview of Slides
View Slides
Create and View Slide Libraries
Create Command Scripts
Overview of Command Scripts
Run Scripts at Startup
Run Slide Shows from Scripts
Introduction to Programming Interfaces
ActiveX Automation
Overview of ActiveX
Define a Command to Start Your Application
Start an Application from a Menu or Toolbar
Overview of AutoCAD VBA
Use AutoCAD VBA Applications
Automatically Load and Execute VBA Projects
AutoLISP and Visual LISP
Overview of AutoLISP and Visual LISP
Use AutoLISP Applications
Automatically Load and Run AutoLISP Routines
Overview of AutoLISP Automatic Loading
The MNL File for an AutoLISP Menu
Prevent AutoLISP Errors When Loading Startup Files
S::STARTUP Function: Postinitialization Execution
Overview of ObjectARX
Use ObjectARX Applications
Automatically Load ObjectARX Applications
Overview of .NET
Loading Managed Applications in AutoCAD
Shapes and Shape Fonts
Overview of Shape Files
Create Shape Definition Files
Shape Descriptions
Vector Length and Direction Code
Special Codes
Use Special Codes
Codes 0, 1, and 2: End of Shape and Draw Mode Control
Codes 3 and 4: Size Control
Codes 5 and 6: Location Save/Restore
Code 7: Subshape
Codes 8 and 9: X-Y Displacements
Code 00A: Octant Arc
Code 00B: Fractional Arc
Codes 00C and 00D: Bulge-Specified Arcs
Code 00E: Flag Vertical Text Command
Text Font Descriptions
Sample Files
Extended Simplex Roman
Extended Standard Font for UNICODE
Big Font Descriptions
Define a Big Font
Define an Extended Big Font File
Use Big Font Text in a Drawing
Use a Big Font to Extend a Font
Unicode Font Descriptions
Superscripts and Subscripts in SHX Files

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