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Adobe Presenter 6 Tutorial - User guide


Adobe Presenter 6 Tutorial - User guide

Adobe Presenter 6 Tutorial - User guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Adobe Presenter 6 Tutorial - User guide

Chapter 1: Before you begin
Help components
How To topics
PDF version of Help
Adobe Presenter resources
Quick Start
Resource Center
Support Center
Developer Center
Documentation Center
System requirements
Adobe Design Center
Adobe Developer Center
Using Adobe Help
Browse Help topics
Search Help topics
Search tips
Navigate Help
Get updated Help topics
Adobe Help and accessibility
Supported accessibility features
Keyboard shortcuts for toolbar controls
Keyboard shortcuts for navigation
What’s new
New features in Adobe Connect Enterprise
Enhanced support for integrated audio conferencing
Improved audio conference recording
Ability to turn Connect Event guests into users
Adobe Presenter audio quality
Custom fields in User reports
Chapter 2: Adobe Presenter
Creating Presentations
About Adobe Presenter 6
Presenter How To Topics
Presenter How To Topics
Create a Presenter presentation
Record audio
Add audio files to a presentation
Adding quizzes and questions
Add and edit attachments
Create and edit themes
Change slide properties
Preview a presentation
Publish to a Connect Enterprise server
Add and edit presenters
Editing Presenter Presentations
Installing Adobe Presenter
Upgrading to Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6
Creating presentations with Presenter
Design your presentation
Edit your presentation
Publish your presentation
Presenter workspace
Presenter viewer
Elements of presentations
Title slides
Presenter information
Custom logos
Copyright information
Opening and closing slides
Section divider slides
Planning a presentation
Plan your presentation
Start PowerPoint
Include narration and other special elements
Preview your presentation
Publish the presentation
Presenter best practices
Create a Presenter presentation
Preview a presentation
Editing Presenter Presentations
Change the presentation title
Add a presentation summary
Change slide properties
View slide properties for all slides
Set a navigation name
Set Go To Slide options
Add speaker video
Set slide advance behavior
Add and edit presenters
Add a new presenter profile
Set the presenter for an entire presentation
Set the presenter for an individual slide
Edit an existing presenter
Delete a presenter
About attachments
Add and edit attachments
Add an attachment to a presentation
Add and test links to documents
Creating links to files
Change the name, type, or location of a presentation attachment
Delete a presentation attachment
Add animation, image, and Flash (SWF) files
Synchronize audio and animation timings
Pause the presentation after an animation plays
Insert a SWF file into a presentation
Control an inserted SWF through the Presenter playbar
Set image quality for a presentation
Audio in Presentations
Using audio in presentations
Add audio files to a presentation
Recording audio
Setting up audio equipment
Setting sound card options
Changing audio recording settings
Placing the microphone
Improving microphone techniques
Editing sound
Reviewing the presentation
About audio recording equipment
Computer with a sound card
Microphone preamplifier
Recording software
Recording area
Set audio recording quality
Change the audio input source
Calibrate microphones for recording
Record audio
Record audio for a specific location in a presentation
Import slide notes
Export scripts into PowerPoint
Add silence to an audio file
Adjust audio volume
Edit audio files
Manage audio files with the Audio Editor
Edit audio timing
Change how audio files are distributed across slides
Listen to an audio file
Zoom in on an area of the waveform
Cut or copy and paste audio
Delete an entire audio file or portion of an audio file
Set audio quality for a presentation
Preplay audio
Adding quizzes and questions
Creating quizzes and questions
Branching in quizzes
Tips for creating quizzes and questions
Create a quiz
Add questions to presentations
Add a multiple-choice question to a presentation
Add a true-or-false question to a presentation
Add a fill-in-the-blank question to a presentation
Add a short-answer question to a presentation
Add a matching question to a presentation
Add a rating scale question to a presentation
Edit quizzes and questions
Change question slide order
Delete a question slide
Add a feedback message to a question
Edit feedback message text in a quiz
Change default labels
Set reporting options
Set a pass rate for a quiz
Set score display
Use presentations with a learning management system
Creating a SCORM manifest file
Set advanced learning management system settings
Designing presentations
Create and edit themes
Select a presentation theme
Create a custom theme
Change text labels in a theme
Change theme colors
Delete a theme
Show and hide theme panes
Set a default theme pane
Choose a location for the sidebar
Set presenter options for a theme
Use PowerPoint templates with Presenter
Use PowerPoint 2000 templates as slide backgrounds
Use PowerPoint 2003 templates as slide backgrounds
Use PowerPoint XP templates as slide backgrounds
Add a logo
Include slide notes in presentations
Change presentation settings
Automatically play a presentation
Loop a presentation
Change slide display timing
Publishing and viewing in Connect Enterprise Server
About Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6
Access your Connect Enterprise Server account
Manage the Connect Enterprise Server publishing list
Add a Connect Enterprise server to the publishing list
Edit a Connect Enterprise server in the publishing list
Remove a Connect Enterprise server from the publishing list
Publish to a Connect Enterprise server
Select a Connect Enterprise server
Log in to Connect Enterprise
Select a location for the presentation
Enter presentation information
Set permissions
Add a Presenter presentation to an Acrobat Connect Professional meeting
Add a presentation from the Content library to an Acrobat Connect Professional meeting
Add a zipped presentation from your computer to an Acrobat Connect Professional meeting
Add a presentation PowerPoint (PPT) file from your computer to an Acrobat Connect Professional meeting
View a presentation in an Acrobat Connect Professional meeting
Viewing the Outline pane
View the Thumb pane
View slide notes
Search for text in a presentation
Use the presentation toolbar
Switch between viewing modes
Navigate between slides
Navigate within the current slide
Adjust the presentation audio
Viewing a presentation in Connect Training
Using presentations with Connect Events
Using presentations with third-party learning management systems
Troubleshooting presentations
Optimizing Flash (SWF) files
Control inserted SWF files
Specify how an inserted SWF file is controlled

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