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Adobe Onlocation Cs5 Tutorial


Adobe Onlocation Cs5 Tutorial

Adobe Onlocation Cs5 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Onlocation Cs5 Tutorial

Chapter 1: What’s new
Chapter 2: Workspace
Customizing the workspace
Managing workspaces
Chapter 3: Creating projects and setting up cameras
Creating, opening, and moving projects
Setting up cameras
Chapter 4: Analyzing lighting, exposure, and color
Evaluating brightness with zebras
Evaluating brightness and color with waveform monitors
Evaluating brightness and color with histograms
Analyzing color with the Vectorscope
Maintaining consistent color for background keying
Video and audio alerts
Checking continuity
Chapter 5: Checking framing and focus
Aesthetic framing
Frame with the grid
Display and adjust the action-safe margin
Preview different aspect ratios
Zooming, underscan, and overscan
Chapter 6: Organizing and logging shots
Organizing shots in Project panel
File-based workflow
Interoperability with Adobe Story
Viewing and editing XMP metadata
Chapter 7: Recording, reviewing, and transferring clips
Recording clips
Reviewing recorded clips
Transferring clips to other applications
Chapter 8: Keyboard shortcuts
Finding and customizing shortcuts
Common shortcuts

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