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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom SDK 2.2 Tutorial


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom SDK 2.2 Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom SDK 2.2 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Photoshop Lightroom SDK 2.2 Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom SDK 2.2 Guide
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2
The Lightroom SDK
The Lua language
About this document
Conventions used in this document
1 Using the Lightroom SDK
Writing plug-ins for Lightroom
The Lightroom SDK scripting environment
Namespaces, classes, and objects
Defining tasks
Including scripts with require()
Lua syntax notes
2 Writing a Lightroom Plug-in
Writing standard plug-ins for Lightroom
Declaring the contents of a plug-in
Delivering a standard plug-in
Debugging standard plug-ins
Customizing plug-in load behavior
Initialization and termination functions for the Plug-in Manager
Adding custom sections to the Plug-in Manager
Adding an export post-process action
Inserting and removing actions
Action dependencies
Declaring export post-process actions
Defining a post-process action
Removing photos from the export operation
Defining post-processing of rendered photos
How post-process actions are executed
Customizing the export destination
Defining an export service
Initialization and termination functions for the Export dialog
Adding custom dialog sections to the Export dialog
Remembering user choices
Branding your export service
Restricting existing export functionality
Final processing of rendered photos
Lightroom built-in property keys
Adding custom metadata
Declaring a Metadata Provider
Defining metadata fields
Adding custom metadata tagsets
Defining a metadata tagset
Searching for photos by metadata values
Combining search criteria
Creating searches interactively
3 Creating a User Interface for Your Plug-in
Adding custom dialog views
Using dialog boxes
Displaying predefined dialog boxes
Creating custom dialog boxes
User interface elements
View properties
Binding UI values to data values
Specifying bindings
Creating observable property tables
Bindings for selection controls
Complex bindings
Determining layout
Relative placement of sibling nodes
Placement within the parent
Factory functions for obtaining layout values
Layout examples
4 Writing a Web-engine Plug-in
Creating a web-engine plug-in
Folder contents
Defining the data model
GalleryInfo top-level entries
Data model entries
Defining a UI for your model
Creating a dynamic data model
Creating a preview
Web SDK manifest API
LuaPage syntax
Environment variables available to LuaPages
LuaPage data types
Web SDK tagsets
Defining custom tags
Using custom tags
Lightroom built-in tagset
Web HTML Live Update
Defining messages from Lightroom to a previewed page
Defining messages from a previewed page to Lightroom
5 Using ZStrings for Localization
ZString format
ZString characters and escape sequences
The LOC function
Localization dictionary files
Localization dictionary file format
Example dictionary file
6 SDK Sample Plug-ins
The FTP Upload sample plug-in
Bring up the FTP plug-in
Configure the connection
Establish the connection
The Flickr sample plug-in
The Flickr API
Flickr plug-in walkthrough
Plug-in settings
Metadata and filtering samples
Custom metadata sample walkthrough
Metadata dialog sample
Metadata filter sample
Post-processing samples
Post-processing actions walkthrough
Web engine sample
7 Getting Started: A Tutorial Example
Creating an export plug-in
Create the information file
Create the service scripts
Displaying a dialog
Displaying a custom dialog
Create a properties table for program data
Create UI elements
Run the plug-in
Transforming data
Create multiple bindings to one key
Run the plug-in
Binding to multiple keys
Create multiple bindings to one key
Run the plug-in
Adding a data observer
Set up the dialog and table
Create an observer for a data property
Create the dialog contents
Run the plug-in
Debugging your plug-in
Specifying a log
Viewing trace information using log files
Viewing trace information in a platform console
8 Defining Metadata: A Walkthrough
Adding custom metadata
Define metadata fields
Define a tagset
Running the plug-in
Customizing the Plug-in Manager
9 Web Gallery Plug-ins: A Tutorial Example
Creating a Web Gallery plug-in
Add descriptive files
Add HTML template files
Add subfolders
Defining a data model and functionality
Add a grid using built-in tags
Add pagination using built-in tags
Add another photo size
Customizing the Web Gallery UI
Add a binding to a control
Add the title to the HTML template
Testing the plug-in
Adding a customized tagset
Define the tags
Add the tagset to the gallery

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