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Adobe GoLive 9 Tutorial


Adobe GoLive 9 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Adobe GoLive 9 Tutorial

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Adobe Help
What’s new
Chapter 2: Work area
Working with windows and editors
Panels, tools, and menus
Working with objects
Previewing and zooming documents
Setting preferences
Reverting and restoring changes to pages
Chapter 3: Version Cue
Working with Adobe Version Cue
Working with the Version Cue Server
Working with Version Cue projects
Working with files in Version Cue
Version Cue versions
Editing and synchronizing offline files
Version Cue Server Administration
Version Cue PDF reviews
Using Version Cue in GoLive
Chapter 4: Setting up sites and pages
Creating sites
Importing sites from remote servers
Version control sites
Adding files to sites
Setting up pages
Document type definitions
Adding elements and scripts
Creating links
Specifying and editing links
Anchor links
Getting information about documents
Chapter 5: Managing and viewing websites
Site management features and preferences
Working with the site window
Inspecting, tracking, and deleting files
Refreshing and cleaning up sites
Providing names and paths for files
Using absolute link paths
Working with graphical site views
Changing the display of the site window
Editing links and URLs sitewide
Fixing site errors
Providing file status information
Chapter 6: Laying out pages
Page layout for the web
CSS layout objects
Creating layers
Selecting, resizing, and positioning layers
Managing layers
Animating layers
Understanding frames
Setting up frame sets
Setting up individual frames
Layout grids
Grouping and arranging objects on layout grids
Converting table-based layout grids to tables
Special page elements
Chapter 7: Tables
Understanding tables
Creating tables
Selecting tables, rows, columns, or cells
Moving, adding, or deleting rows or columns
Resizing and fixing tables
Formatting tables with table styles
Formatting tables with the Table Inspector or Control panel
Formatting tables with cascading stylesheets
Text in tables
Sorting in tables
Chapter 8: Formatting text
Formatting text in web pages
Adding and selecting text
Formatting paragraphs with HTML text attributes
Formatting text inline
Changing fonts
Changing the size and color of text
Searching text and HTML source code
Non-roman characters
Chapter 9: on Cascading stylesheets
Understanding cascading stylesheets
Creating and viewing stylesheets
Using external stylesheets
Creating CSS styles in stylesheets
Defining style properties
Applying styles
Chapter 10: Adding images and multimedia
Pre-optimized images
Setting basic image options
Creating rollovers
Assigning rollover images automatically
Using actions with rollovers
Creating image maps
Building a web page using tracing images
Adding multimedia to web pages
Multimedia plug-in options
Java applets and W3C object controls
Chapter 11: Working with Smart Objects
Understanding Smart Objects
Adding and copying Smart Objects
Updating and editing Smart Objects
Resizing and cropping Smart Objects
Optimizing and saving web graphics
Working with slices during optimization
Web graphics formats and options
Output settings for web graphics
Chapter 12: Adding content from Adobe applications
Adding Adobe Photoshop images
Adding Adobe InDesign content
Chapter 13: Working with PDF documents
Displaying and navigating PDF documents
PDF comments
Editing PDF link regions
Exporting web pages to PDF
Setting global options for PDF documents
Chapter 14: Forms
Creating forms
Adding form elements
Adding form navigation
Advanced form elements and properties
Chapter 15: Site assets, resources, and collections
Understanding site assets, resources, and collections
Creating page templates
Applying and updating page templates
Site colors
Font sets
Site URLs and e-mail addresses
Chapter 16: Publishing websites
Preparing to publish a site
Uploading and downloading files
Exporting sites
Setting up distributed websites
Managing websites with WebDAV
Chapter 17: Authoring mobile content
Authoring for mobile devices
XHTML Basic and Mobile
i-mode HTML
Chapter 18: Editing source code
Source code editors and preferences
Source code management tools
Using the Outline Editor
Adding new elements to source code
Working with source code
Selecting and highlighting source code
Locating source code
Navigating through source code
Inserting or rewriting source code automatically
JavaScript libraries
Chapter 19: Using actions
Actions overview
Browser-triggered actions
User-triggered actions
Timeline-triggered actions
Getters actions
Image actions
Link actions
Message actions
Multimedia actions
Others actions
Specials actions
Variables actions
Chapter 20: Configuring Web Settings
Web Settings
Markup Language options in Web Settings
Characters options in Web Settings
Browser Profiles options in Web Settings
File Mappings and Global options in Web Settings
Chapter 21: Color management
Understanding color management
Keeping colors consistent
Color-managing imported images
Color-managing documents for online viewing
Proofing colors
Color-managing documents when printing
Working with color profiles
Color settings
Chapter 22: Keyboard shortcuts
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Default keyboard shortcuts

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