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Adobe Flex 1.5 Tutorial - Migrating Flex Applications


Adobe Flex 1.5 Tutorial - Migrating Flex Applications

Adobe Flex 1.5 Tutorial - Migrating Flex Applications FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Flex 1.5 Tutorial - Migrating Flex Applications

Migrating Flex Applications
Features modified in Flex 1.5
Component layout changes
Component sizing rules have changed
A means for getting percentage width and height values has been added
Parent container sizing rules have changed
Navigator container sizing rules have changed
The resizeToContent property has been added added for backwards compatibility in navigator containers
The width/height and widthFlex/heightFlex precedence has changed
Data processing and validation changes
RemoteObject objects only support the AMF protocol
XML deserialization now respects data type
Web services enforces inclusion of required properties
Custom authentication in remote objects supported with the AMF protocol
The ActionScript data type conversion to Java data types has changed
The RemoteObject class load classes with the web application classloader
The suggested way to register client-side classes to server-side Java classes has changed
The means of handling session data has changed
RemoteObject objects support by-reference serialization
The mechanism for using flashvars variables in the JSP Tag Library has changed
The rules for validating empty data strings have changed
A NumberValidator validator error code has changed
Style changes
The way to access styles has changed
The Panel container default border style has changed
Clipping behavior with the cornerRadius property specified has changed
Custom component changes
The commitProperties() method is only called if the invalidateProperties() method is called
The means of handling properties of child components in custom components has changed
The eventnameHandler() method in ActionScript components is only invoked if you register for it
Scroll bar behavior when createChildren() is not called has changed
Miscellaneous changes
The Slider control is now a standard component
Changing a URL parameter no longer automatically causes Flex to recompile your application
Using the same labelFunction value for more than one DataGridColumn in a DataGrid control is now supported
Possible creationIndex variable conflict may occur
The ControlBar container no longer supports scroll bars
The selectedNode property data type has changed
The web.xml file has changed
Features Removed in Flex 1.5
Features completely removed in Flex 1.5
How Flex handles deprecation
Features deprecated in Flex 1.5
Upgrading from the Flex 1.5 Beta version

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