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Adobe Encore Cs5 Tutorial


Adobe Encore Cs5 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Adobe Encore Cs5 Tutorial

Chapter 1: Whatís new
Multi-page menus for Blu-ray discs
Flash DVD enhancements
Export DDP image to hard disk
Synchronize timelines with the assetís frame rate and dimensions
Open and edit projects across platforms
Set 24p frame rate for Blu-ray projects
Out-of-process transcoding
Red 4K import
AVCHD passthrough
Chapter 2: Workflow and workspace
Workspace basics
Managing workspaces
Chapter 3: Planning the project
Planning the content
Balancing file size and quality
Bit budgeting
Chapter 4: Creating projects and importing assets
Working with projects
Aspect ratios
Adobe Dynamic Link
Working in the Project panel
Manage the Project panel
Viewing and editing XMP metadata
Transcript metadata in Flash output
Transcoding in Encore
Transcoding presets
Chapter 5: Menus
Menu basics
Creating menus
Multi-page menus for blu-ray discs
Using Photoshop to create menus
Edit menus
Styling and transforming menu objects
Apply styles and transformations
Adding text to menus
Add and format text
Button subpictures
Menu color sets
Button routing
Creating styles for menu elements
Video and audio in menus
Menu timing and looping
Menu templates
Chapter indexes
Using After Effects to enhance menus
Chapter 6: Timelines and slide shows
Timeline basics
Create and manage timelines
Editing assets in timelines
Slide show basics
Editing slide shows
Chapter points
Chapter 7: Audio and subtitles
Audio clips
Subtitle basics
Subtitle scripts
Subtitle colors
Navigation for audio and subtitle tracks
Closed captions basics
Chapter 8: Creating and managing links
Setting navigation and properties
Playlists and chapter playlists
Working in the Flowchart
User operations
Chapter 9: Testing and building the final product
Testing Encore projects
Security and additional content
Building the finished project
Exporting projects to Flash format
Chapter 10: Keyboard shortcuts
Using keyboard shortcuts

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