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Adobe Elements Organizer 8 Tutorial


Adobe Elements Organizer 8 Tutorial

Adobe Elements Organizer 8 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Elements Organizer 8 Tutorial

Chapter 1: Getting started with Elements Organizer
What to do first
Using Help and getting support
Chapter 2: Elements Organizer workspace
About workspaces
Getting started with your Adobe ID
Using Elements Organizer and Adobe Premiere Elements together
Chapter 3: Import photos and videos
About getting photos and videos
Cameras and card readers
Local files, CDs, DVDs, and video
Mobile phone cameras
Chapter 4: Viewing and fixing photos and videos in Elements Organizer
Viewing photos and videos in the Elements Organizer
Viewing video projects
View video and full-screen images
Pinning photos to a map
Viewing media files in Date view
Fixing photos and videos in Elements Organizer
Chapter 5: Tagging and organizing photos and videos
Tagging photos and videos
Editing keyword tags, categories, and subcategories
Creating albums
Creating and editing smart albums
Editing albums and album categories
Chapter 6: Finding media files in Elements Organizer
Searching for media files in Elements Organizer
Finding media files by keyword tags
Finding media files by content, type, and metadata
Finding photos using a map
Chapter 7: Managing files and catalogs
Managing catalogs
Moving, copying, and renaming files
Grouping photos in stacks
Grouping photos in version sets
About Video Scene Groups and Scene Groups
Filenames and versions
Adding captions and not es
File information
Backup and synchronize catalogs, albums, and files
Reconnecting files
Chapter 8: Projects in Elements Organizer
Elements Organizer projects overview
Create and share an online album
Creating photo calendar
Creating photo books, greeting cards, and photo collage
Creating slide shows
Create instant movies
Create a flip book
Chapter 9: Printing and sharing photos
Printing photos
Print options
Sharing through Photoshop.com
Sharing photos using online services
Sharing maps of photos
Sharing photos by e-mail
Sharing video online
Sharing media files to mobile phones and players
Viewing and sharing photos on Media Center computers
Exporting photos
Burn media files to a DVD/Blu Ray Disc
Burn media files to a CD/DVD
Chapter 10: Elements Organizer keyboard shortcuts
Keys for navigating
Keys for viewing photos (Elements Organizer)
Keys for viewing the calendar (Date view)
Keys for editing photos (Elements Organizer)
Keys for finding photos

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