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Adobe Contribute CS5 Tutorial


Adobe Contribute CS5 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Adobe Contribute CS5 Tutorial

Chapter 1: What’s new
Chapter 2: Setting up Contribute
The Contribute workflow
Connect to a blog
Connect to a website
Open Contribute
Create your blog/browse to your website
Edit your blog/website
Publish your blog/website
Integrate Contribute with Adobe Creative Suite applications
Integrate Adobe Bridge with Adobe Contribute
Chapter 3: Workspace
The Contribute workspace
Switch between browsing and editing
Browse to web pages and blog entries
Open web pages and blog entries without browsing
Set up access to commonly used pages
Set Contribute preferences
Change or disable startup password
Set browser encoding
Contribute accessibility features
Chapter 4: Working with existing web pages and blog entries
Overview of working with blogs and web pages
Edit existing web pages and blog entries
Undo mistakes
Save drafts
Search within browser (Windows Only)
Send web page drafts and files for review
Access new review drafts
Edit web page drafts
Review web page drafts
Work with template-based web pages
Working with a Subversion-enabled website
Work offline
Edit web pages in an external application
Edit web page source in an external application
Compare page display in multiple browsers (Windows only)
Configure blog serv er settings
Discard a draft, new page, or new blog entry
Delete a web page or blog entry
Export a web page or blog entry (Windows only)
Print a web page or blog entry
Add Google search
Chapter 5: Adding pages, blog entries, and documents
Create or copy a page on your website
Create a stand-alone web page
Create web pages using a content type
Create a blog entry for your blog
Set page properties for a web page
Add keywords and a description for a web page
Set preferences for blog entries
Enter metadata for a blog entry
About converting documents to PDFs (Windows only)
Add Microsoft Word and Excel documents to a website
Open documents in Contribute from Microsoft Office applications (Windows only)
Insert PDFs in Contribute pages
Insert HTML code snippets
Chapter 6: Working with text
About HTML and CSS styles in the Contribute Style menu
Add text to a web page
Format text
Position text on the page
Create lists
Check spelling
Find and Replace text
Chapter 7: Working with images and graphic elements
About inserting images and buttons
Add an image to a page
Insert shared assets into a web page
Change image properties
Change an image’s position or orientation
Edit an image in Contribute
Edit image in image-editing applications
Insert SWF content into your web page
Insert a video in your web page
Change a video’s position or orientation
Add audio and video files to your blog
Add or delete a horizon tal rule
Insert PayPal e-commerce buttons
Chapter 8: Working with tables
About conflicts in table formatting
Insert tables
Select table elements
Resize tables, rows, and columns
Align tables
Cut, copy, and paste cells
Add, delete, or merge table rows and columns
Modify table appearance
Sort tabular data
Chapter 9: Working with links
Create text and image links
Set the advanced linking options
Edit links
Test links
Chapter 10: Working with pages with frames
About frames
Edit frame content
Save and publish a page with frames
Target frame content
Chapter 11: Publishing web pages and blog entries
Publishing a page to your website
Preview a page in your default browser
Publish a file from your computer to your website
Replace a file on your website
Roll back to a previous version of a page
Publish a document from Microsoft Office (Windows only)
Post content to a blog
Post content to a blog from RSS aggregators
Publish a blog entry to your blog
Chapter 12: Creating and managing website and blog server connections
About creating and sending website connections
Enable or disable CPS for a website
Using Subversion with Contribute
Become an administrator of an existing Contribute website
Configure Contribute administration settings
Send connection keys for websit es
Send connections for CPS managed sites
Add users to websites that CPS manages
Remove users from sites that CPS manages
Configure dependent files for blogs
Manage website and blog server connections
Chapter 13: Managing users and roles
About roles
Create Contribute roles
Edit a role’s settings
Manage drafts sent for review
Chapter 14: Windows keyboard shortcuts
File menu
Edit menu
View menu
Insert menu
Format menu
Table menu
Working with blog entries
Working in templates
Editing text
Working in tables
Working with images
Getting help
Chapter 15: Macintosh keyboard shortcuts
File menu
Edit menu
View menu
Insert menu
Format menu
Table menu
Help menu
Working in templates
Editing text
Working in tables
Working with images

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