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Contribute CS3 Tutorial - Deploying contribute and contribute publishing server


Contribute CS3 Tutorial - Deploying contribute and contribute publishing server

Contribute CS3 Tutorial - Deploying contribute and contribute publishing server FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Contribute CS3 Tutorial - Deploying contribute and contribute publishing server

Contribute CS3 Tutorial
Chapter 1: Overview
Understanding Contribute user management models
Manual connections
Managed connections
Using Contribute Publishing Server with Contribute
User Directory service
E-mail Notification service
Log service
Simple File Deployment service
RSS Activity Feed service
Common website configurations
Single website on one webserver
Multiple websites on one webserver
Website on a staging server and a live server
Deploying Contribute for a single website with one web server
Deploying Contribute for multiple websites on one web server
Deploying Contribute to a staging server and a live server
Deployment roles and responsibilities
Installing the Contribute software
Creating connections to websites that users of Contribute can access
Defining roles (a collection of privileges that you assign to specific users)
Installing Contribute on individual computers throughout your organization
(Optional) Integrating Contribute with Contribute Publishing Server (CPS)
Deployment tasks checklist
Chapter 2: Setting up your Contribute Server Environment
Preparing your web server before you deploy
Understanding network and server permissions
Permissions defined by the network operating system (for instance, Windows or UNIX® server software)
Permissions defined by the web server software
Roles you define in Contribute
Understanding server access for connecting to CPS-managed websites
Restricting access to administrative folders and special file types
Apache web servers
Microsoft IIS web servers
Other web servers
Special files created by the draft review process
Planning your Contribute site structure and connection path
Understanding Contribute connection paths
Understanding subsites and overlapping website connections
Understanding Administrative settings and roles in overlapping websites
Understanding the draft for review process in overlapping websites
Understanding templates, shared assets, and images in overlapping websites
Understanding Contribute network connection types
Local area networks
File transfer protocol (FTP)
Secure FTP
FTP and SFTP file permissions
To prevent users from setting up different connection types to a WebDAV-enabled site, do one of the following
Network paths and web addresses (URLs)
Installing Contribute and creating an administrative connection
Preparing to connect to a website
Creating a Contribute website connection
To create a website connection
Installing Contribute Publishing Server (Optional)
Software requirements
Installing Contribute Publishing Server using the Simple Installation
To install CPS by using the Simple Installation (Windows)
To install CPS by using the Simple Installation (UNIX)
Installing Contribute Publishing Server by using the WAR File Installation
Generating the WAR file using an installer
To use the CPS installer to generate a WAR file (Windows)
To use the CPS installer to generate a WAR file (UNIX)
Deploying the WAR file
To deploy the WAR file on a JRun 4 server
Deploying CPS on JBoss (Macintosh) application servers
To deploy CPS on the JBoss application server
Configuring the CPS file locations
To configure the WAR file
Chapter 3: Configuring Contribute
Configuring Contribute
About Contribute administrative settings
Users and Roles
Publishing Server
Web Server
New pages
Enable PDF Embedding
Configuring Contribute administrative settings
To open the Administer Website dialog box
About Contribute user roles and settings
Contribute default roles
Settings for user roles
Folder/File Access
Styles and Fonts
New Pages
File Placement
Shared Assets
New Images
Example role assignments
Creating Contribute roles
To create a role
Configuring Contribute Publishing Server (CPS only)
Understanding Contribute user authentication models
File-based authentication
User directory service-based authentication
About Contribute and LDAP or Active Directory
LDAP branches
LDAP permissions and Contribute permissions
LDAP authentication types
Authentication workflow
Configuring CPS User Directory and other services
To configure Contribute Publishing Server
Configuring the User Directory service to use secure LDAP
To import your LDAP SSL certificate into CPS trust store to use LDAPS
Enabling Contribute websites to work with CPS (CPS only)
To enable CPS
Adding users to your website (CPS only)
Deploying Contribute and website connections
Sending connection keys for websites
To create a website connection key to share with users
Sending connections for CPS managed sites
To send a CPS connection key
Deploying Contribute across an organization
Deploying Contribute CS3 by using Microsoft Systems Management Server
Uninstalling previous versions
Setting up the server
To specify an administrative account for SMS to use
Creating the SMS package
To create the package that SMS uses for distribution
Creating an advertisement
To create an advertisement
Uninstalling Contribute CS3

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