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Adobe Captivate 4 Tutorial


Adobe Captivate 4 Tutorial

Adobe Captivate 4 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Adobe Captivate 4 Tutorial

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Activation and registration
Help and support
Services, downloads, and extras
What's new in Adobe Captivate 4
Chapter 2: Workspace
Adobe Captivate views
Adobe Captivate Library
Shortcut keys
Undoing and redoing actions
Disable confirmation messages
Chapter 3: Creating Projects
About Adobe Captivate projects
Create projects
Enable backup file creation
Chapter 4: Recording Projects
Automatic recording
Full motion recording
Manual recording
Hide recording icons and info in the recording window
Record additional slides
Pause while recording projects
Set recording preferences
Automate the recording process
Recording tips
Chapter 5: Slides
Slide properties
Add slides
Delete and edit slides
Lock slides
Hide slides
Group slides
Change slide order
Slide notes
Slide tr ansitions
Tips for introductory slides
Chapter 6: Adding and Managing Objects
Types of objects
Controlling the visibility of objects
Import objects
Manage Library objects
Managing objects with the Stage toolbar
Copy, paste, and duplicate objects
Align objects
Resize and reposition objects by pixel
Change the display order of objects
Merge objects into a slide
Edit object information in the Advanced Interaction dialog box
Chapter 7: Noninteractive Objects and Media
Text captions
Rollover captions
Highlight boxes
Rollover slidelets
Zoom areas
Images and rollover images
Drawing tools
Set audio for noninteractive objects
Fix size and position of noninteractive objects
Chapter 8: Interactive Objects
Defining project navigation
Click boxes
Text entry boxes
Chapter 9: Widgets
About widgets
Create widgets
Defining visibility mode for widgets
Using XML in widgets
Using variables in widgets
Using ActionScript 3.0 in widgets
Accessing Adobe Captivate movie properties
Question widgets
Add widgets
Troubleshooting widgets
Chapter 10: Audio
Adding audio
Recording in sync
Insert audio
Preview audio
Edit audio
View audio details
Export audio
Chapter 11: Variables and Advanced Actions
Advanced actions
Tutorial on scripting
Assign multiple actions to an event
Chapter 12: Creating a Quiz
General workflow for question slides
Create question slides
Question pools and random questions
Chapter 13: Advanced Editing and Project Reviews
Projects and project preferences
Edit FMR files
Create design templates
Table of contents (TOC)
Preview projects
Combining multiple SWF files
Combining multiple SCOs
Resize projects
Spelling and search
Link Adobe Captivate projects
View bandwidth utilization
Creating accessible projects
Localizing Adobe Captivate projects
Import, export, and delete content
Using the AIR Review application
Chapter 14: Publishing Projects
Change the default location of published files
Set publishing preferences
Publish a project as a SWF file
Publish the project as an executable file or AVI file
Publish projects to the web using FTP
Send projects using e-mail
Get reports by e-mail
Chapter 15: Using Adobe Captivate with Other Applications
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Learning management system (LMS)
Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro
Questionmark Perception
Adobe Flash
Chapter 16: Troubleshooting
Adobe Captivate project startup
Animation timing
Application distortion when recording
Capturing while recording a web application
Capture of elevated applications in Windows Vista
Choppy full motion recording
Correcting colors in slides
Fonts on transparent captions
Adobe Captivate output
Video errors
Text viewed in a browser
Font size in text entry boxes
Button sizes while resizing projects
The number of slides in a project
Publishing projects
Quizzing errors
Exporting projects to Flash
JavaScript that does not appear
The Skin Editor
Uninstalling Adobe Captivate
Security warning with Flash Player 8
Recording audio produces recording(Clip).wav file
Slide Notes

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