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Blazeds Tutorial - Developer Guide


Blazeds Tutorial - Developer Guide

Blazeds Tutorial - Developer Guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Blazeds Tutorial - Developer Guide

BLAZEDS Developer Guide
Part 1: Getting started with BlazeDS
Chapter 1: Introduction to BlazeDS
BlazeDS overview
BlazeDS features
Example BlazeDS applications
Chapter 2: Building and deploying BlazeDS applications
Setting up your development environment
Running the BlazeDS sample applications
Building your client-side application
Building your server-side application
Debugging your application
Deploying your application
Part 2: BlazeDS architecture
Chapter 3: BlazeDS architecture
BlazeDS client architecture
BlazeDS server architecture
About configuration files
Chapter 4: Channels and endpoints
About channels and endpoints
Configuring channels with servlet-based endpoints
Channel and endpoint recommendations
Using BlazeDS clients and servers behind a firewall
Chapter 5: Managing session data
FlexClient, MessageClient, and FlexSession objects
Using the FlexContext class with FlexSession and FlexClient attributes
Session life cycle
Chapter 6: Data serialization
Serializing between ActionScript and Java
Serializing between ActionScript and web services
Part 3: RPC services
Chapter 7: Using HTTP and web services
RPC components
RPC components versus other technologies
Using destinations
Defining and invoking a service component
Handling service events
Passing parameters to a service
Handling service results
Using capabilities specific to WebService components
Handling asynchronous calls to services
Chapter 8: Using the Remoting Service
RemoteObject component
Configuring a destination
Calling a service
Handling events
Passing parameters
Handling results
Accessing EJBs and other objects in JNDI
Part 4: Messaging Service
Chapter 9: Using the Messaging Service
Using the Messaging Service
Working with Producer components
Working with Consumer components
Using a pair of Producer and Consumer components in an application
Message filtering
Configuring the Messaging Service
Chapter 10: Connecting to the Java Message Service (JMS)
About JMS
Configuring the Messaging Service to connect to a JMSAdapter
Part 6: Administering BlazeDS applications
Chapter 11: Logging
Client-side logging
Server-side logging
Monitoring and managing services
Chapter 12: Security
Securing BlazeDS
Configuring security
Basic authentication
Custom authentication
Passing credentials to a proxy service
Chapter 13: Clustering
Server clustering
Handling channel failover
Cluster-wide message and data routing
Configuring clustering
Part 7: Additional programming topics
Chapter 14: Run-time configuration
About run-time configuration
Configuring components with a bootstrap service
Configuring components with a remote object
Accessing dynamic components with a Flex client application
Chapter 15: The Ajax client library
About the Ajax client library
Using the Ajax client library
Ajax client library API reference
Chapter 16: Extending applications with factories
The factory mechanism
Chapter 17: Message delivery with adaptive polling
Adaptive polling
Using a custom queue processor
Chapter 18: Measuring message processing performance
About measuring message processing performance
Measuring message processing performance

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