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Building Adobe Air Applications Tutorial


Building Adobe Air Applications Tutorial

Building Adobe Air Applications Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Building Adobe Air Applications Tutorial

Chapter 1: Introducing Adobe AIR
Whatís new in AIR 1.1
Whatís new in AIR 1.5
Whatís new in AIR 1.5.1
Whatís new in AIR 1.5.2
Whatís new in AIR 1.5.3
Whatís new in AIR 2
Chapter 2: Adobe AIR installation
Installing Adobe AIR
Removing Adobe AIR
Installing and running the AIR sample applications
Adobe AIR updates
Chapter 3: Working with the AIR APIs
AIR-specific ActionScript 3.0 classes
Flash Player classes with AIR-specific functionality
AIR-specific Flex components
Chapter 4: Adobe Flash Platform tools for AIR development
Setting up Flash CS3 for Adobe AIR
Developing AIR applications with Flex Builder 3
Installing the AIR SDK
Setting up the Flex SDK
Chapter 5: Creating your first Flex AIR application in Flash Builder or Flex Builder
Create an AIR project
Write the AIR application code
Test the AIR application
Package, sign, and run your AIR application
Chapter 6: Creating your first AIR application with the Flex SDK
Create the AIR application descriptor file
Write the application code
Compile the application
Test the application
Create the AIR installation file
Chapter 7: Creating your first AIR application using Flash Professional
Create the Hello World application in Flash
Test the application
Package the application
Chapter 8: Create your first HTML-based AIR application with Dreamweaver
Prepare the application files
Create the Adobe AIR application
Install the application on a desktop
Preview the Adobe AIR application
Chapter 9: Creating your first HTML-based AIR application with the AIR SDK
Create the project files
Create the AIR application descriptor file
Create the application HTML page
Test the application
Create the AIR installation file
Next Steps
Chapter 10: Creating an AIR application using the command-line tools
Compiling MXML and ActionScript source files for AIR
Compiling an AIR component or code library (Flex)
Using the AIR Debug Launcher (ADL)
Packaging an AIR installation file using the AIR Developer Tool (ADT)
Signing an AIR file to change the application certificate
Creating a self-signed certificate with ADT
Chapter 11: Setting AIR application properties
The application descriptor file structure
Defining properties in the application descriptor file
Chapter 12: Application profiles
Restricting target profiles in the application descriptor file
Capabilities of different profiles
Chapter 13: Distributing, Installing, and Running AIR applications
Installing and running an AIR application from the desktop
Installing and running AIR applications from a web page
Enterprise deployment
Installation logs
Digitally signing an AIR file
Chapter 14: Updating AIR applications
About updating applications
Presenting a custom application update user interface
Downloading an AIR file to the userís computer
Checking to see if an application is running for the first time
Using the update framework
Chapter 15: Reading application settings
Reading the application descriptor file
Getting the application and publisher identifiers
Chapter 16: Viewing Source Code
Loading, configuring, and opening the Source Viewer
Source Viewer user interface
Chapter 17: Debugging with the AIR HTML Introspector
About the AIR Introspector
Loading the AIR Introspector code
Inspecting an object in the Console tab
Configuring the AIR Introspector
AIR Introspector interface
Using the AIR Introspector with content in a non-application sandbox
Chapter 18: Localizing AIR applications
Localizing the application name and description in the AIR application installer
Localizing HTML content with the AIR HTML localization framework

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