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Adobe After Effects CS4 Tutorial


Adobe After Effects CS4 Tutorial

Adobe After Effects CS4 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe After Effects CS4 Tutorial

Chapter 1: Getting started
Installation, activation, and registration
Adobe Product Improvement Program
New features in After Effects CS4
Chapter 2: User interface
Workspaces, panels, and viewers
General user interface items
User interface changes from After Effects CS3 to After Effects CS4
Chapter 3: Workflows, planning, and setup
Planning and setup
Working with After Effects and other applications
Dynamic Link and After Effects
Chapter 4: Projects and compositions
Composition basics
Nesting, precomposing, and pre-rendering
Chapter 5: Importing and organizing footage items
Importing and interpreting footage items
Working with footage items
Importing from After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro
Importing and interpreting video and audio
Preparing and importing 3D image files
Preparing and importing still images
Introduction to Camera Raw and importing camera raw files
Navigating, opening, and saving images with Camera Raw
Making color and tonal adjustments in Camera Raw
Modifying images with Camera Raw
Making local adjustments with Camera Raw
Camera Raw settings
Chapter 6: Layers and properties
Creating layers
Selecting and arranging layers
Managing layers
Layer properties
Blending modes and layer styles
3D layers
Cameras, lights, and points of interest
Chapter 7: Views and previews
Modifying and using views
Chapter 8: Animation and keyframes
Animation basics
Setting, selecting, and deleting keyframes
Editing, moving, and copying keyframes
Assorted animation tools
Time-stretching and time-remapping
Animating with Puppet tools
Tracking and stabilizing motion
Chapter 9: Color
Color basics
Color management
Chapter 10: Drawing, painting, and paths
Paint tools: Brush, Clone Stamp, and Eraser
Overview of shape layers, paths, and vector graphics
Creating shapes and masks
Editing and animating shape paths and masks
Shape attributes, paint operations, and path operations for shape layers
Chapter 11: Text
Creating and editing text layers
Formatting characters
Formatting paragraphs
Animating text
Examples of text animation
Chapter 12: Transparency and compositing
Alpha channels, masks, and mattes
Chapter 13: Effects and animation presets
Effects and animation presets overview
Effect galleries
3D Channel effects
Audio effects
Blur & Sharpen effects
Channel effects
Color Correction effects
Distort effects
Generate effects
Keying effects
Matte effects
Noise & Grain effects
Paint effects
Perspective effects
Simulation effects
Stylize effects
Text effects
Time effects
Transition effects
Utility effects
Obsolete effects
Chapter 14: Markers and metadata
XMP metadata
Chapter 15: Memory, storage, and performance
Memory usage and storage
Chapter 16: Plug-ins, scripts, and automation
Chapter 17: Expressions
Expression basics
Expression elements reference
Expression examples
Chapter 18: Rendering and exporting
Basics of rendering and exporting
Rendering and exporting for Flash Professional and Flash Player
Rendering and exporting still images and still-image sequences
Exporting project information to other Adobe applications
Encoding and compression options for movies
Automated rendering and network rendering
Converting movies
Chapter 19: Keyboard shortcuts
Shortcuts: general
Shortcuts: projects
Shortcuts: preferences
Shortcuts: panels, viewers, workspaces, and windows
Shortcuts: activating tools
Shortcuts: compositions and the work area
Shortcuts: time navigation
Shortcuts: previews
Shortcuts: views
Shortcuts: footage
Shortcuts: effects and animation presets
Shortcuts: layers
Shortcuts: showing properties and groups in the Timeline panel
Shortcuts: showing properties in the Effect Controls panel
Shortcuts: modifying layer properties
Shortcuts: 3D layers
Shortcuts: keyframes and the Graph Editor
Shortcuts: text
Shortcuts: masks
Shortcuts: paint tools
Shortcuts: shape layers
Shortcuts: markers
Shortcuts: motion tracking
Shortcuts: saving, exporting, and rendering

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