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3D Max 4 Reactor Tutorial


3D Max 4 Reactor Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index 3D Max 4 Reactor Tutorial

Chapter 1 Welcome
Getting Started
Installing the Toolbar
Max menu
Advanced Display Features
Chapter 2 Rigid Bodies
About This Tutorial
Creating a Rigid Body Simulation
Adding Bodies to a Rigid Body Collection
Adding a Camera
Assigning Physical Properties
Simulating a Scene
Rigid Body Properties
Get from / Set to Material
Convex / Concave
Display Proxies
Rigid Collection Properties
Disabling Collections
ODE Solvers
Add Deactivator
Define Collision Pairs
Chapter 3 Convex and Concave Objects
About This Tutorial
Performing a Convexity Test
Treating an Object as Convex
Bounding Box
Bounding Sphere
Convex Hull
Substituting the Geometry
Substitute for Optimization
Treating an Object as Concave
Using the Original Object Mesh
Substituting the Geometry of an Object with a Proxy Mesh
Substituting the Geometry of an Object with an Optimized Mesh
Building a Compound Rigid Body
More About Proxies
Geometry Proxies
Optimized Geometries
Display Proxies
Other Alternatives for Animators
Useful Hints
Chapter 4 Soft Bodies
About These Tutorials
Creating a Soft Body Simulation
Simple Soft Body Creation
Soft Body Properties
Creating and Adding Bodies to a Soft Collection
More Advanced Soft Bodies
Fixing Soft Objects
Disabling Collections
Advanced Soft Collection Options
Freeform Deformation
Creating an FFD Soft Body
Mesh Selection for FFDs
Chapter 5 Cloth
About This Tutorial
Creating a Cloth Simulation
Simple Cloth Creation
Adding Bodies to a Cloth Collection
Advanced Cloth Properties
Force Models
Fold Stiffness
Limitations of the Cloth Model
Using Update Max
Chapter 6 Rope
About These Tutorials
Creating a Rope Simulation
Simple Rope Creation
Rope Properties
Creating and Adding Ropes to a Rope Collection
Chapter 7 Water
About This Tutorial
Adding Water to a Scene
Using Water in a Simple Simulation
Water in Motion
Animating Water for 3ds max 4
Chapter 8 Constraints
About This Tutorial
Springs and Dashpots
Adding a Spring to a Simulation
Adding a Dashpot
Constraint Solver
Point-to-Point Constraint
Point-to-Path Constraint
Point-to-Nail Constraint
reactor AttachToRB
A Quick Example of reactor AttachToRB
The Toy Car
Toy Car Parameters
Chapter 9 Actions
About This Tutorial
The Actions
Wind Action
Motor Action
Fracture Action
Adding Actions to Scenes
Wind Action
Motor Action
Fracture Action
Chapter 10 Animation
About This Tutorial
Creating a Simple Animation
Mixing Keyframes and Physical Animation I
Animation for FFDs
Mixing Keyframes and Physical Animation II
Deforming Meshes
Deforming Mesh Properties
Keyframe Reduction
Interactive Modification
Chapter 11 MAXScript and reactor
reactor Objects
Setting Physical Properties
Running the Simulation
Example Scripts
Running Scripts
Chapter 12 World Scale
World Scale
Collision Tolerance
Chapter 13 Advanced Simulation Properties
Advanced Simulation Options
Add Drag Action
Unyielding Bodies
Collision Tolerance
World Scale
Save Before Simulation
World Analysis
Key Management
Appendix: Physics Primer
Physical Simulation
Realism vs. Believability
What Does a Physics Engine Do?
The Simulation Loop
Collision Detection
Multiphase Collision Testing
Rigid Bodies & Collision Geometries
Set Position & Deforming Geometry
Collision Tolerance
Physical Units and Values
Position Based
Orientation Based
Coordinate Systems and Reference Frames
Physical Properties
Next Steps
Constrained Dynamics
Non Rigid Body Dynamics

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